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Afferent executives launch next-generation neuro hopeful, gaining J&J backing
CuraSen Therapeutics has pulled off a $54.5 million series A funding round as it gains big-name backing to help tackle neurodegenerative disorders.
Fierce Biotech, 2018-10-18 08:49:18

Multiple RNA classes display cell stimulation-dependent association with extracellular vesicles
The release and uptake of nano-sized extracellular vesicles (EV) is a highly conserved means of intercellular communication. The molecular composition of EV, and thereby their signaling function to...
Exosome RNA Research & Industry News, 2018-10-18 08:00:51

Crohn’s Disease subtype accurately predicted through miRNA sequencing
Crohn’s disease (CD), a chronic inflammatory condition of the intestinal tract, has emerged as a global disease, with rates steadily increasing over...
Transcriptome Research & Industry News, 2018-10-18 08:00:46

Breakthrough Prizes Recognize Aneuploidy Researcher, Biochemist
This year's winners also include the developers of nusinersen, an oligonucleotide therapeutic for spinal muscular atrophy.
The Scientist, 2018-10-18 08:00:36

Report predicts life expectancy in 2040, Spain comes out on top
A new report from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) states that people born and living in Spain, Japan, and China are likely to live longer than those born and living in the United States.
News Medical Life Sciences, 2018-10-18 04:53:29

Sun Sentinel: Ocean Ridge Biosciences expands to 5,400-square foot facility
Ocean Ridge Biosciences is a survivor in South Florida's fledgling biotech industry. In the past decade, Ocean Ridge has worked with more than 200 academic labs and companies, providing gene-based lab analysis of blood and tissue samples for the development of new drugs and diagnostic tests. Please read the PDF for more details
ORB Company News, 2016-12-28 18:58:47

Cases of Acute Flaccid Myelitis on the rise across U.S.
According to the Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC), cases of dangerous and rare Acute Flaccid Myelitis (AFM) are being noted across United States. This disease manifests similar to acute flaccid paralysis caused by polio virus say the experts. There is at present no treatment for this condition that primarily affects children and leads to paralysis of the limbs.
News Medical Life Sciences, 2018-10-18 04:45:00

Self-lubricating condoms may help raise condom usage
Researchers have come up with self lubricating condoms that become slippery or lubricated once they come in contact with skin. This would not only raise the pleasure factor of condom usage they feel, but in turn also raise usage of condoms and reduce the incidence of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and unwanted pregnancies.
News Medical Life Sciences, 2018-10-18 04:31:03

Electronic Sun Sentinel: Gene analysis lab moves to Deerfield Beach

ORB Company News, 2016-12-02 21:24:27

AbbVie partners with Morphic on fibrosis R&D—to the tune of $100M
After having invested in Morphic Therapeutic’s A and B rounds, AbbVie is pulling the trigger on an R&D deal. The drugmaker is ponying up $100 million for the option to exclusively license multiple programs from Morphic that target fibrotic diseases.
Fierce Biotech, 2018-10-18 03:13:46

New tool could help prioritize recovery efforts for the poorest hit by natural disasters
A new statistical tool to help target resources following deadly natural disasters has been created by the University of Bristol, allowing governments to prioritize getting aid to the most vulnerable people.
News Medical Life Sciences, 2018-10-18 03:03:58