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Transfusion of ‘oldest blood’ may lead to complications in some patients
The oldest blood available for transfusions releases large and potentially harmful amounts of iron into patients' bloodstreams, a new study by researchers at Columbia University Medical Center has found.
News Medical Life Sciences, 2017-01-10 12:46:36

Post-doc Position Available – Bioinformatics and Systems Immunology
Expressions of interest are sought from outstanding researchers for a Post-doctoral position in bioinformatics in the Viral Immunology Systems Program (VISP) at the Kirby Institute within the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. Working in close collaboration with both wet and dry members of the VISP group to perform bioinformatics and systems biology analyses ...
Transcriptome Research & Industry News, 2017-01-10 12:45:04

Researcher uncovers secret life of Dab2 protein
Sometimes proteins do a lot more than we expect. Dab2, for example, has long been linked to cancer.
News Medical Life Sciences, 2017-01-10 12:40:24

Study finds decline in rate of prostate cancer treatment after change in screening recommendations
As some national guidelines now recommend against routine prostate cancer screening, the overall rate of men receiving treatment for the disease declined 42 percent, a new study finds.
News Medical Life Sciences, 2017-01-10 12:36:30

Visualizing the secondary and tertiary architectural domains of lncRNA RepA
Long noncoding RNAs (lncRNAs) are important for gene expression, but little is known about their structures. RepA is a 1.6-kb mouse lncRNA comprising the same sequence as the 5′ region of Xist, including A and F repeats. It has been proposed to facilitate the initiation and spread of X-chromosome inactivation, although its exact role is ...
lncRNA Research and Industry News, 2017-01-10 12:29:16

New wearable assistive device enables visually impaired to sense surrounding environment
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has developed a wearable assistive device for the visually impaired, which enables them to sense their environment and move around more safely. The device, which is worn like a heart rate monitor, has been clinically tested.
News Medical Life Sciences, 2017-01-10 12:14:04

Cancer Genetics, Inc. Announces Multiple Agreements & Collaborations to Develop Liquid Biopsy Programs with Leading Biopharma Companies
CGI has signed five agreements and contracts to develop focused, high-performance liquid biopsy tests for a broad range of solid tumors The liquid biopsy tests are focused on therapy monitoring & companion diagnostic development for a potential $20 billion market by 2020 Cancer Genetics, Inc. (Nasdaq:CGIX), a leader in enabling precision medicine for oncology through ...
Exosome RNA Research & Industry News, 2017-01-10 12:08:21

Cell powerhouses may be good therapeutic target for brain injury
Cell powerhouses are typically long and lean, but with brain injury such as stroke or trauma, they can quickly become bloated and dysfunctional, say scientists who documented the phenomena in real time for the first time in a living brain.
News Medical Life Sciences, 2017-01-10 12:03:22

U.S. biotech opening plant in Ireland after issues with CMO delay glaucoma drug
U.S. biotech opening plant in Ireland after issues with CMO delay glaucoma drug epalmer Tue, 01/10/2017 - 06:59
Fierce Pharma, 2017-01-10 11:59:54