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MUSC chosen to build prototype for increasing ICU surge capacity during COVID-19
To prepare for current and future waves of COVID-19, the U.S. Army's Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center asked teams from across the country to compete to build a telehealth prototype that would provide adequate ICU capacity when cases surge.
News Medical Life Sciences, 2020-07-12 09:05:22

Analyzing individual anatomy of nasolabial triangle helps in safety planning of plastic surgeries
Researchers from the Center for Diagnostics and Telemedicine together with colleagues from Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science, University of Munich and Sechenov University used computed tomography to analyze the individual anatomy of the nasolabial triangle.
News Medical Life Sciences, 2020-07-12 08:59:46

Harnessing the microbiome potential
Spring is underway in parts of the US, and while Florida by no means undergoes the dramatic reappearance of foliage or colorful clumps of daffodils and azaleas, the southern part of the sunshine state experiences its share of spring renewals.  For instance, recently a brood of Muscovy duck (Cairina moschata) hatchlings appeared near Ocean Ridge Biosciences' laboratory.
ORB Company Blog, 2017-03-31 21:41:45

Sun Sentinel: Ocean Ridge Biosciences expands to 5,400-square foot facility
Ocean Ridge Biosciences is a survivor in South Florida's fledgling biotech industry. In the past decade, Ocean Ridge has worked with more than 200 academic labs and companies, providing gene-based lab analysis of blood and tissue samples for the development of new drugs and diagnostic tests. Please read the PDF for more details
ORB Company News, 2016-12-28 18:58:47

Michigan's expanded Medicaid program helped improve health for most vulnerable residents
The most vulnerable residents of the nation's 10th most populous state say their health improved significantly after they enrolled in Michigan's expanded Medicaid program, a new study finds.
News Medical Life Sciences, 2020-07-12 03:49:00

Fatty acid can kill human cancer cells, study shows
Researchers have demonstrated that a fatty acid called dihomogamma-linolenic acid, or DGLA, can kill human cancer cells.
News Medical Life Sciences, 2020-07-12 03:36:16

Experts develop a simple questionnaire to raise awareness about managing liver disease
Alcohol's popularity and its central place in socializing in Australia obscures the dangers of excessive drinking and possible liver disease, Flinders University experts warn.
News Medical Life Sciences, 2020-07-12 03:28:53

Survey reveals COVID-19 pandemic-related mental health concerns among college students
The COVID-19 pandemic is putting significant stress on college students, many of whom are worried about increasing financial pressures caused by the pandemic and the lack of easily accessible mental healthcare.
News Medical Life Sciences, 2020-07-12 03:17:15

New biomarker could be an early indicator of cognitive decline
Medical researchers in the UK and Australia have identified a new marker which could support the search for novel preventative and therapeutic treatments for dementia.
News Medical Life Sciences, 2020-07-12 03:06:49

Breastfeeding helps mother and baby share 'good bacteria'
A new study by researchers at the University of British Columbia and the University of Manitoba has found that bacteria are shared and possibly transferred from a mother's milk to her infant's gut, and that breastfeeding directly at the breast best supports this process.
News Medical Life Sciences, 2020-07-12 02:59:44

Newly discovered chemical compound shows potential to become treatment for brain disorders
Researchers at IIT-Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (Italian Institute of Technology) discovered a novel chemical compound, which has the potential to became a new drug for the treatment of core symptoms of brain disorders like Down syndrome and autism.
News Medical Life Sciences, 2020-07-12 02:52:24