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Researchers identify virus as likely cause of mystery polio-like paralysis
A major review by UNSW Sydney medical researchers has identified strong evidence that a virus called Enterovirus D68 is the cause of a mystery polio-like illness that has paralysed children in the US, Canada and Europe.
News Medical Life Sciences, 2018-01-22 17:15:06

Novartis, feeling the heat from head-to-head rivals, pulls Arzerra outside the U.S.
The commercial life for Novartis’ Arzerra outside the U.S. is coming to an end. On Monday, Novartis partner Genmab said the Swiss drugmaker would pull the chronic lymphocytic leukemia product from all ex-U.S. markets and set up compassionate use programs to allow current patients to continue treatment.
Fierce Pharma, 2018-01-22 16:25:12

News of Note—Fixing glaucoma with gene therapy, inhibiting colon cancer stem cells and building the 'Legos of life'
This week ushered in discoveries of a potential way to treat glaucoma with gene therapy, the role of the hedgehog signaling pathway in promoting the recurrence of colon cancer and four key chemicals that work together to build all of the proteins essential for life.
Fierce Biotech, 2018-01-22 16:20:41

Feds may sue generic drugmakers to recover damages: official
Federal investigators have been looking into possible price fixing at top generic drugmakers for years, and on Friday, a top Department of Justice official signaled what his agency might do next.
Fierce Pharma, 2018-01-22 16:13:56

Scientists uncover proteins in the brain responsible for movement
Researchers in China have uncovered the proteins used by the brain to balance excitation and inhibition, without which humans would not be able to move.
News Medical Life Sciences, 2018-01-22 15:54:00

Promoting precision medicine using data science of large datasets
Data science is a marriage between statistical science and informatics, using statistical principals of math and logic on huge volumes of data.
News Medical Life Sciences, 2018-01-22 15:33:00

Electronic Sun Sentinel: Gene analysis lab moves to Deerfield Beach

ORB Company News, 2016-12-02 21:24:27

Electronic Sun Sentinel: Gene analysis lab moves to Deerfield Beach

ORB Company News, 2016-12-02 21:24:27

Rise in infants with physical abnormalities is linked to opioid exposure during pregnancy, finds study
New research finds a dramatic increase in physical abnormalities in newborns caused by opioid exposure during pregnancy.
News Medical Life Sciences, 2018-01-22 15:19:00

Eureka nets $60M to take T-cell therapy into the clinic
With a $60 million series D round, Eureka Therapeutics will go full speed ahead on a phase 1 trial for its lead candidate, a T-cell treatment for relapsed and refractory CD19+ non-Hodgkin lymphoma.
Fierce Biotech, 2018-01-22 15:18:24

Vical’s Astellas-partnered CMV vaccine falls short again, this time in stem cell transplant recipients
After the cytomegalovirus vaccine Astellas licensed from Vical failed in a kidney transplant phase 2 study, hope of the shot rested on a phase 3 in hematopoietic stem cell transplant recipients. But that hope has just been shattered too.
Fierce Pharma, 2018-01-22 15:03:51