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Pelican Newspaper: Gene profiling at Ocean Ridge Biosciences to unlock mysteries of the human body
Identifying the markers for pancreatic cancer may have happened here in a 5,400 square foot facility where scientists routinely practice next generation RNA profiling and biomarker discovery. Please read the PDF for more details
ORB Company News, 2016-11-25 18:55:37

Smith & Nephew to acquire Rotation Medical for up to $210M
Smith & Nephew has agreed to acquire tissue regeneration player Rotation Medical for $125 million in cash upfront. Another $85 million is on the table if certain financial milestones are achieved.
Fierce Biotech, 2017-10-23 14:56:35

Research provides insight on Y-shape in proteins associated with glaucoma
So unheard of was what researchers discovered in a protein associated with glaucoma that for over two years they ran it through a gauntlet of lab tests and published a new research paper on it. The tests validated what they initially saw.
News Medical Life Sciences, 2017-10-23 14:54:19

Blood levels of thyroid hormone may help identify individuals at risk for irregular heartbeat
Individuals with higher levels of thyroid hormone (free thyroxine, FT4) circulating in the blood were more likely than individuals with lower levels to develop irregular heartbeat, or atrial fibrillation, even when the levels were within normal range, according to new research in the American Heart Association's journal Circulation.
News Medical Life Sciences, 2017-10-23 14:29:09

Claret bags $14M to boost access to brain-protection device
Claret Medical has raised $14.5 million. The series C round equips Claret to try to expand access to a device that protects patients from neurological and neurocognitive damage during transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) procedures.
Fierce Biotech, 2017-10-23 14:10:15

One nurse per 4,000 pupils = not the healthiest arrangement
During a 15-minute recess, the elementary school students trooped from the playground toward nurse Catherin Crofton's office — one with a bloody nose, a second with a scraped knee and a third with a headache.
News Medical Life Sciences, 2017-10-23 14:03:41

Palm Beach Post: ORB Leaves Palm Beach County for New Lab Space
David Willoughby lives in Palm Beach Gardens and, until recently, worked there too. But the owner of Ocean Ridge Biosciences wanted to expand, and he couldn't find suitable space in northern Palm Beach County. Please read the PDF for more details
ORB Company News, 2016-12-02 15:35:33

Queen's University Belfast leads new research to better understand biology of prostate cancer
Queen's University Belfast has led the world's largest research study using a diagnostic test developed by Almac Diagnostics, to better understand the biology of prostate cancer tumors, which could lead to a transformation in how prostate cancer is diagnosed and treated.
News Medical Life Sciences, 2017-10-23 13:59:25

With a CE-marked surgical sealant, what's next for Gecko Biomedical?
Gecko Biomedical’s first product may be a surgical sealant, but it has eyes on much more. The sealant, dubbed Setalum, is based on a proprietary polymer can be used in a variety of ways to reconstruct tissue.
Fierce Biotech, 2017-10-23 13:50:27

Novartis edges Roche in targeted melanoma with Tafinlar-Mekinist adjuvant 'breakthrough'
Score one for Novartis in its quest to expand its cancer-fighting combo, Tafinlar and Mekinist. On Monday, the FDA bestowed its “breakthrough” tag on the pair in adjuvant, BRAF V600 mutation-positive melanoma, setting it up for a quick trip down the regulatory path to approval.
Fierce Pharma, 2017-10-23 13:46:19

Researchers identify predator bacteria in microbiota of cystic fibrosis patients
For the first time, researchers have found the presence of predator bacteria in the microbiota of cystic fibrosis patients. There are researchers from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid among the authors of this finding.
News Medical Life Sciences, 2017-10-23 13:46:11