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RNA Sequencing provides new insights into infertility-causing sex chromosome disorders
Research carried out by Francis Crick Institute scientists provides new insights into sex chromosome disorders which typically cause infertility, such as Turner syndrome and Klinefelter syndrome. Through their research, the scientists have discovered an exception to a ‘rule’ or ‘principle’ of chromosome biology first hypothesised in 1967. Our sex – male or female – is ...
Transcriptome Research & Industry News, 2017-01-30 12:38:17

Post-doc position available – lncRNAs in epigenetics
LANL has an intellectually diverse environment and demands creative, innovative and pioneering solutions. LANL is multidisciplinary with expertise in chemistry, materials science, bioscience, physics, engineering, computer science, social science and many other fields. As a national laboratory, high priority is placed in interdisciplinary studies. Facilities include a large number of supercomputers, high-throughput biochemistry, and next-generation ...
lncRNA Research and Industry News, 2017-01-30 12:21:45

Post-doc Position Available – University of Maryland
The major focus of our research projects is to determine the mechanism for cardiac regeneration using different cell-based preparations, including exosomes, condition media, and the stem cells themselves and testing these cell-based products in a variety of regenerative assays. In particular, we are determining how mIRs present in the exosomes derived from the stem cells ...
Exosome RNA Research & Industry News, 2017-01-30 12:05:07

New powerful natural preservative formulation can increase shelf-life for chilled-meat products
Arjuna Natural Extracts Ltd. presents X-tend, a complete, natural, formulation-specific preservative designed to increase chilled-meat product shelf-life and ensure food safety.
News Medical Life Sciences, 2017-01-30 12:00:46

AbbVie hoping for early data readout for anti-tau Alzheimer's drug
AbbVie hoping for early data readout for anti-tau Alzheimer's drug phil Mon, 01/30/2017 - 07:00
Fierce Biotech, 2017-01-30 12:00:11

Improving 1 µL UV-Vis Spectrophotometry Sample Results
Prior to microvolume spectrophotometry, UV-Vis quantification of biomolecules was performed using quartz cuvettes with a 10mm pathlength. Cuvettes had a number of key limitations that made them unsuitable for the requirements of then newly emerging life science techniques such as microarrays.
News Medical Life Sciences, 2017-01-30 11:59:00

Featured RNA-Seq Job – Professional Research Assistant – CFReT
Professional Research Assistant – CFReT – 08037 Department of Medicine Consortium for Fibrosis Research & Translation Professional Research Assistant: Informatics Analyst Nature of Work: The University of Colorado, Department of Medicine’s Consortium for Fibrosis Research & Translation (CFReT) has an opening for a Bioinformatics Analyst. Under the direction and guidance of the CFReT Principal Investigator and Informatics ...
Transcriptome Research & Industry News, 2017-01-30 11:53:04

First-time drug trials launched on basis of flimsy, under-scrutinized evidence, say McGill researchers
Standards for authorizing first-time trials of drugs in humans are lax, and should be strengthened in several ways, McGill University researchers argue in a paper published today in Nature.
News Medical Life Sciences, 2017-01-30 11:52:46

Scientists decipher emergence of neuronal diversity in the cerebral cortex
The development of cerebral cortex plays a major role in the evolution of species and in particular for mankind.
News Medical Life Sciences, 2017-01-30 11:41:32