Associate Process Scientist

Ocean Ridge Biosciences (ORB) is currently seeking a highly-motivated and entrepreneurial individual to fill the position of Associate Process Scientist.

Description: The Associate Process Scientist will perform contract experiments for ORB clients including DNA microarray hybridizations, mRNA and small RNA sequencing, real time PCR, and multiplex immunoassays. Duties will include isolation of RNA and DNA from multiple sources, performing assays in the laboratory, data processing, statistical analysis, pathway analysis, and preparation of detailed reports for customers. Additional responsibilities will include maintaining equipment and facilities, ordering supplies, receiving samples, shipping samples, and extensive record keeping. As a key member of the ORB team you will also contribute to sales and marketing by maintaining regular contact with customers throughout their projects, and by providing pre- and post-sales technical support.

Requirements: The Associate Process Scientist will possess an A.A. or B.S. degree with coursework in chemistry, biology and mathematics and three or more years of experience in laboratory molecular biology. The ideal candidate should have substantial experience performing RNA extraction and purification, amplification and labeling of RNA and DNA, sequencing, and immunoassays. We also require proficiency in Microsoft Office products including the analysis and plotting of data in Excel. Basic laboratory math skills and some knowledge of statistics will be essential. Experience with microarrays, NextGen sequencing, and microsphere-based assays would be advantageous. The successful candidate will also demonstrate superior presentation, writing, and oral communication skills. A strong work ethic, entrepreneurial spirit, and consistent positive attitude are required. Neatness, attention to detail, and a willingness to keep careful records are also critical.

Compensation: Base salary commensurate with experience, performance-based bonuses, paid vacation, reimbursement for privately-obtained health insurance.

Senior Research Scientist – Transcriptomics and Genomics

ORB is seeking an ambitious entrepreneurial scientist with expertise in genomics to join a team of highly motivated molecular biologist focused on providing cutting-edge services in the fields of RNA Profiling and Biomarker Discovery.

Description: The Senior Research Scientist will primarily focus on the development of novel 2nd generation sequencing- and microarray-based services that can be applied to the advancement of the drug and biomarker discovery programs of ORB’s clients. Duties will include evaluating emerging genome and transcriptome analysis technologies and reducing these to practice in the laboratory. In addition to research and development, the Scientist will be required to manage select projects for clients and collaborators; this will entail directing laboratory staff, conducting contract wet-lab experiments, providing guidance on analysis to bioinformatics staff, and drafting results reports and presentations. The scientist will routinely communicate with clients and collaborators about ongoing projects by phone, e-mail, and in face-to-face meetings.

Requirements: The Senior Research Scientist will possess a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology or closely-related field with 0-5 years of postdoctoral work experience. Preference will be given to candidates with experience working in private sector biotechnology, genomics core facilities, or university labs focused on applied technology. The selected candidate will be well-versed in the art of genome analysis having a comprehensive knowledge of microarray and 2nd generation sequencing-based methods for analysis of RNA and DNA. We seek a candidate with an infectious enthusiasm about this scientific field and a strong desire to implement their ideas for new assays or services in a commercial setting.

The desired candidate will have adequate laboratory experience with the manipulation and analysis of RNA and DNA using high-throughput approaches, as well as direct experience with experimental design and statistical analysis for systems biology experiments. Experience working in the Linux computing environment, constructing and manipulating databases (e.g. MySQL), and working with statistical analysis software (R, SAS) is desirable but not required. In the field of RNA analysis, the candidate should has substantial knowledge of or experience with one or more applications areas of 2nd generation sequencing such as the analysis of alternative splicing, non-coding RNA, retrotransposons, or ribonucleoprotein complexes. The desired candidate must also have significant knowledge of or experience in genome-wide polymorphism analysis, whole genome assembly, epigenetics, or focused sequencing of disease susceptibility genes. 

This position requires excellent technical writing skills which must include a mastery of standard grammar and the ability to succinctly communicate scientific methods and data interpretation. The capacity to draft publication-quality first author scientific publications, including production of figures and supplementary data tables, is a primary requirement of the position. The selected candidate must be willing to maintain detailed and legible written records of experiments, data analysis procedures, and client communication. Because of the client-centered nature of ORB’s business, excellent oral communications and presentation skills are critical. A strong work ethic and a consistent positive attitude are also required.

Compensation: Base salary commensurate with experience, plus bonuses and stock options.

Staff Scientist – Bioinformatics

ORB is currently seeking a highly-motivated and entrepreneurial scientist to fill the position of Staff Scientist – Bioinformatics.

Description: The selected candidate will design and implement a software infrastructure at ORB for semi-automated processing and statistical analysis of genomics data derived from microarray and deep sequencing projects. The individual will take advantage of existing commercial software packages, open source applications, and script development tools to implement flexible data analysis pipelines that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of ORB clients. Custom scripts and applications will also be developed in Visual Basic, R, Perl, Python, Java, and other languages. The Staff Scientist – Bioinformatics will also supervise a project to enhance the biological sample workflow system at ORB. In addition to software development, the selected individual will also manage genome analysis projects for individual clients.

Requirements: The ideal candidate will possess a M.S. or Ph.D. in the physical or life sciences, and will have three or more years of recent experience in bioinformatics. The position requires proficiency in statistics and coding experience in two or more high-level scripting/programming languages including Visual Basic, R, Perl, Python, and Java. The candidate should have experience with multiple commercial and open source tools/platforms for processing of microarray and deep sequencing data (e.g. Bioconductor, Bowtie, Cufflinks, Trinity). Working knowledge of the Linux operating system, server maintenance, and the Unix Shell command interface is also required. Familiarity with advanced statistical algorithms for biomarker selection and linear modeling of expression data would be a plus, as would experience with analysis of microarray- and sequencing-based CGH, genome-wide methylation, and Chip data sets. Prior wet-lab experience in genomics would also be helpful but not essential.
The successful candidate will also demonstrate superior presentation, writing, and oral communication skills. A strong work ethic, entrepreneurial spirit, and consistent positive attitude are required. Neatness, attention to detail, and a willingness to keep careful records are also critical. Three or more years of work experience in a for-profit business is preferred but not required.

Compensation: Base salary commensurate with experience, plus bonuses and stock options.

Technical Sales Associate

ORB is currently seeking a Technical Sales Associate, to join a team focused on driving sales of ORB's line of high performance genome analysis and biomarker discovery services into the Life Sciences Marketplace. This is an entry- to mid-level position for an individual with a background in the Biological Sciences and Sales that is motivated to achieve maximum earnings potential while gaining first hand knowledge and training in the fields of genomics, drug discovery, and drug development.

Responsibilities: The Technical Sales Associate will be responsible for understanding ORB's services in the Basic Research, Drug Discovery & Drug Development market sectors and for contributing to the maintenance of a focused database of scientists conducting innovative research throughout the United States who could benefit from ORB services. This individual will be responsible for the development of a pipeline of appointments with Biotech Executives and Scientists via efficient e-mail and telephone marketing campaigns as well as in-person “cold calls”. The Technical Sales Associate will also manage to effectively communicate the benefits of ORB services to potential customers at Academic Institutes and Biotechnology Companies in on-site meetings, and maintain relationships with potential and current customers in order to close sales in an expeditious manner. Additional duty will involve representing ORB at Scientific Meetings, Symposia, and Industry Trade Shows.

Requirements: The position requires a BS in Molecular Biology, Chemistry, or other Life Sciences discipline, or equivalent experience. Candidate must have experience in sales with demonstrated ability to attract new customers and close sales. We also require proficiency in Microsoft Office products and databases. The position requires excellent oral and written communication skills, solid self-management, organizational, and prioritization skills. Familiarity with second-generation sequencing applications such as the analysis of mRNA, small RNA, exomes, methylation, and oncogene would be a plus. Working knowledge of the Drug Discovery and Drug Development processes as well as the market participants is advantageous. Must be able to travel up to 33% of the time.

Application Procedure

Please submit a cover letter describing your reasons for applying to ORB along with a resume that highlights your experiences and skills that are relevant to the position to: